The Fit Girl's Athleisure Wishlist

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You might be wondering what the heck is “athleisure”? It’s basically a style of dress that combines comfortable gym-wear into presentable styles that can be worn anywhere. I am a huge fan of athleisure and rocked the style before it had an official name. You can easily transition from grocery shopping and errands straight into your workout without the hassle of changing outfits. The items above are standard athleisure wear and accessories.

1. Athleta Camo Leggings

Price: $89

These leggings are extremely comfortable and versatile. I’ve worn them to run errand and for afternoon brunch meet-ups. The high waist gives you a slimming look and the material is also thick enough for cold winter days. If you’re obsessed with camo print and green like I am, these leggings are for you!

2. Goat Anti-Gravity Phone Case

Price: $29.99

I purchased this phone to start recording my gym workouts. It’s also great for hands free selfie taking and Youtube tutorials. The Goat Anti-Gravity Phone Case has mini suctioning that sticks to almost any flat surface.

3. Bose Headphone

Price $199.99

Wireless headphones are a must for the gym because they allow you to move around more freely. I currently own the Airpods and Powerbeats wireless devices. The Powerbeats have a much better sound quality than Airpods. However, Airpods allow easier control of your playlist. I look forward to trying the Bose Headphones to compare the three.

4. Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit

Price $200

I’m the type of girl that never wore sneakers outside of the gym…until I purchased these. Loved them so much I bought a second pair (black). There are so many colors to choose from! They are extremely comfortable in addition to being super cute. The flexible material allows all-day wear. The bubble soles puts an extra pep in your step. I’ve worn them with skirts and on business casual days.

5. Hydroflask Water Bottle

Price: $32.95

Single-use plastic water bottles are not great for the environment. At $1-$3 per bottle, they are also not great for your pockets. Invest in a durable insulated water bottle. You’ll save the earth and money. You’ll also have more versatility to have hot or cold drink available. I love taking a cup of tea and honey to work knowing it’ll stay warm as I run around on the nursing unit. A moderate size (21oz) is extremely portable between work, running errands, and your fitness sessions.

Well that’s it! My favorite athleisure items. I own and vouch for everything on the list except the Bosse headpones. A review of those bad boys will be coming soon. Are you an athleisure girl too? If so, what’s on your wishlist?

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