What's in My Gym Bag ?

Numbered Gym Bag .jpg

1. Insulated water bottle

Avoiding plastic is eco-friendly. An insulated water bottle quenches your thirst and saves the earth. And who doesn’t want a cool drink available during a workout?

2. Powerbeats wireless headphones

Have you ever planned to workout only to realize you don’t have headphones? It’s a terrible feeling that makes you want to pack up and leave. Airpods are my primary headphones but I keep a backup pair of Powerbeats in my gym bag (Type-A shenanigans). Just in case I forget to charge my Airpods.

3. Snacks!

Being hungry at the gym is another annoyance that makes you want to leave. Traveling with small snacks like peanuts and fruit helps keep your stomach happy and give you a protein boost after a hard workout.

4. Fitness Log

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Fitness logs are great tools to track your progress, organize your fitness session, and self motivate! I love weight lifting and logging helps me see small increases in my strength and endurance when it’s not visible in the mirror. Tracking my cardio acts as a friendly reminder to actually do cardio! I also use my log to plan my trips to the gym beforehand.

5. Lock

A lock is one of three items I never unpack from my bag. This one may seem pretty obvious but forgetting your lock happens.

6. Soft Lifting Grips

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These are life changing for anyone who lifts heavy weights. They literally save your hands from growing those rough nasty calluses. The soft rubbery padding offers protection that’s superior to any gym gloves I’ve worn.

7. Lipgloss/Lipstick and Chapstick

I’m definitely the prissy girl that wears lipstick to the gym. It’s just what I do.

8. Microfiber towel

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The gym is a gross place in general. Gym mats are extra disgusting. Imaging putting your face/hair/head on a surface where someone’s sweaty butt just rested? Use microfiber towels instead. They are lightweight and compact. Place them over the gross gym mat and fully enjoy stretching and floor exercises.

9. Airpods

Airpods honestly have poor sound quality in comparison to other headphones. However, they are user friendly. I personalize the touch feature to seamlessly skip between tracks and play/pause.

There you have it! All the accessories in my gym bag. Do you carry anything that might be useful to others? If so, comment below because sharing is caring :-)