How I Weened My Son

Let me tell you the story about how I weaned KB off breastfeeding with bread. Yes, you read that correctly. Bread. Sweet Hawaiian Rolls to be more specific. At 14 months old, KB was hesitant to give up beebee (boobies). Around Thanksgiving, he was down to one session during the day but was having a very hard time dropping the night feedings. He would wake up about 2X a night yelling beebee! And would not sleep without feeding. This means I would not sleep without giving up the bee bee.

I found my “get out of jail card” after spending Thanksgiving with my brother and his family. KB was in need of a snack and I handed him a Sweet Hawaiian Roll from a pack on my sister-in-law’s kitchen counter. She apparently always had them in stock. He loved it and asked for more. I handed him a small piece of bread when he tried to breastfeed later that day and he was happily distracted. At home, I purchased a pack and kept a roll in a ziplock bag next to my nightstand. Kisan would wake up and ask for bread instead of beebee. I then transitioned him to brioche rolls that I assume are healthier. It took about another month to transition him off the midnight bread snacking by just offering him a snack during the day and right before bed.

Sweet Hawaiian Rolls probably aren’t the healthiest snack for a baby. I was still comfortable with using them to wean him because his diet was otherwise great.

Below is KB’s typical menu for one day:


2 boiled eggs

1 container of plain Stonyfield baby yogurt

½ cup of blue berries and raspberries

1 cup milk


Cheese stick

Brioche bread (he loves it!)


1 mashed avocado (mashing with milk keeps the avocado from browning).

6 chicken nuggets or fish sticks


½ cup fruit (he loves it all - kiwi, blackberries, blueberries, melons, tangerines). I buy 2-3 types of fruit every week. I’m working on giving him a wide variety).


1 cup of mashed/purred meal prep - Certain foods he won’t eat in solid form (red meat, fish, beans, or leafy vegetables).

½ cup of pureed vegetables mixed with a little applesauce (spinach, peas, kale, string beans)

Breastfeeding was a great bonding experience for me and KB but after a year I wanted OUT. Maybe some moms would judge me for feeling this way but it’s the honest truth. Working full-time and going back to graduate school made pumping and night feeding extremely challenging and not sustainable.

He got a solid year of mamma juice, which is recommended by the experts, so I was happy to move on to the next stage in our relationship. Thankfully, I found a way to transition that he latched onto (no pun intended. Lol). If you’re in the weaning phase, be creative! There are tons of weaning tips out there but be open and flexible.

“You might come across a trick that’s unique for your little one”