I’m a Registered Nurse, a mom, and a wellness advocate. I’ve been an active gym-goer for seven years. However, I didn’t start out that way and my life has definitely changed after becoming a mom.

I started as someone who “hated the gym”. Yes, me! I simply disliked being there, thought it was boring, and could find a million reasons not to go (does that sound familiar?) However, my perspective has slowly changed over the years. I realize that there are multiple contributing factors to being healthy (mental, social, financial) and there is no “one size fits all” model. After some time, I started to like working out. Then BOOM I had a baby, became a single mom, full-time job, part-time graduate school. “I’ll never have time to work out now” was my initial thought. I had to remind myself that the next girl’s fitness plan may not be right for me. I simply couldn’t make it to the gym 3X a week like before. I had to realize that there is no one way to be “fit”. It varies based on the who you are, your personal goals, body type, and current life. I had to develop My 360 Fit.

Is My 360 Fit right for you?

Like many women today, my schedule is jam packed and finding time to exercise seems like an unattainable goal.

I’m here to let you know that you CAN incorporate fitness into your schedule with some planning, optimism, and creativity.

This blog will:

  • Let you know that it’s OK to not be a gym rat!

  • Help you discover alternate ways to be healthy.

  • Provide tips and tricks to help you develop a well-rounded fitness plan.

Overall, I hope to shift your perspective of health and fitness so you can ultimately become a better version of yourself!

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