As a nurse, I’m a huge fan of evidence-based research. I try to make decisions based on information obtained from reliable sources because the internet is filled with an overwhelming amount of information that isn’t critical evaluated. This page is a quick reference guide to some of my favorite websites. Information from these sites are based on research and scientific evidence.

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This company has a great page that provides research based advice on skin care. The most impressive feature is their rating system for the most common ingredients in skin care products. They rate them as “best, good, average, or poor” and provide a detail explanation. Check out the site and see if your favorite products pass the test!


Health & Wellness

United States Government-Physical Activities Guidelines for Americans

Trendy words like “fit” seem so simple and self-explanatory but are very ambiguous. What does it mean to be fit? Who chooses this definition? The emergence of social media adds a second layer of confusion. Certain body types and habits are applauded while others are shamed.

I believe health and wellness fall along a beautiful, amazing, and diverse spectrum that should be defined by the individual with guidance. The U.S. Government’s Physical Activities Guidelines was developed based on from evidence-based research. It identifies minimal standards of activity that would reduce risks of chronic and preventable diseases.  

 United States Department of Agriculture - MyPlate


Keto. Low carb. Atkins. Weightwatchers. Macro counting.  Food and diet trends are as popular as health trends.  They can also be as complicated and expensive. MyPlate is a federal initiative created to improve the eating habits of Americans. It’s simple, free, and easy to follow. Again, it’s evidence based with goals of reducing healthcare risks developed from poor eating habits.

American Cancer Society

I’ve been an oncology nurse for almost eight years. Working with cancer patients has been the toughest but most rewarding experience of my life. Cancer is influenced by biological, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Because of this, some populations are more adversely affected. Lack of knowledge about preventative care or delay in cancer screening and intervention greatly impact the disparity in cancer survival. This website provided a lot of information about screening guidelines, signs, and symptoms. Empower yourself, friends, and family!

Cycle for Survival  


This non-profit organization raises money to beat rare cancers. All the proceeds are donated directly to research. My hospital (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) has participated in this event for many years and the energy in the atmosphere is contagious.

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Kelly Mom

This extremely helpful website provided research-based information and tips on breastfeeding and parenting. I have referenced this site many times after having my son. I love the non-judgmental and holistic information provided. It is very supportive of baby initiated transitioning where the child’s unique and natural growth patterns are acknowledged.  You are encouraged consider your child’s unique character when looking at non-individualized parenting guidelines.