There is no one way to be “fit”. It varies based on the who you are, your personal goals, body type, and current life! I explore the many ways to be healthy and give you insight on my own practices.


A life without good food is no life at at! I do not diet and don’t believe in sugar free, zero fat, low calorie trends. I focus on portion control, balance, and eating hearty and healthy. I also love my crock pot and will share my new and staple recipes.

Oh Baby!

I have a toddler that eats like an adult. People are always surprised to hear that he eats things like salmon, kale, and beans. These are strategies I use to help promote a diverse diet even for my toddler.

Bad & Bougee

I’m a budget conscious person (or at least I try to be). Ever so often I splurge on items that are worth the money such as my obsession with Wholefoods. They are quality purchases that make me feel good, look good, and smell good. I call this my “Bad & Bougee list” because I’m not wealthy (yet) but choose to live a little.