Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall: My Skin Care Routine

Growing up I always had clear skin. My skin completely changed in my mid-20s and I started to have serious acne. I tried a marathon of products including over-the-counter stuff, expensive name brands, and strong prescriptions. There were several occasions where my skin suffered from over-treatment, burns, and pealing. It took a long time to find a perfect balance and now I’m cruising.

I’m a minimalist when it comes to skincare and makeup. Because of this, I invest a lot of time and money treating my natural skin well!  Prioritizing a good skincare routine helps prevent breakouts, which makes it much easier for me to avoid wearing foundation.

The specific products in my routine aren’t listed because the process is way more important than the product. Secondly, skin varies from person to person so my products may not work for you.

General Rules I follow:   

  1. Never exfoliate on the same day as wearing foundation. I usually have breakouts after. Maybe there’s trace amount of makeup still on my skin and disturbing the top layer helps this makeup sink in and cause a breakout. That’s just my random theory but it’s been working.  

  2. Never use an abrasive exfoliate (beads, pearls, grains etc.) on a breakout. Exfoliate around it and use a mask instead.  Again, the skin is already disturbed and adding more irritation just makes things worse.

  3. Do an extra mask treatment when you break out. Sometimes I’ll do spot treatment when I feel something emerging.

  4. Never sleep with makeup on. It’s a no-brainer but we all get lax.

Where I Might Need to Improve:

  1. Using Sunscreen Daily! - Sunscreen is always promoted to prevent skin damage from UV rays which leads to skin cancer. Two studies have found that increasing sunscreen use has potential to prevent skin cancer in approximately 10% of the population [1]. I don’t wear sunscreen on my face because instructions say to reapply every 2 hours. Applying layers and layers of product every 2 hours doesn’t sound like a good idea for my sensitive skin.

  2. Eating More Fruits and Vegetables-I’ve been substituting sunscreen with Vitamin C products that claim to prevent sun damage and aging. Most skin products use a form of Vitamin C called Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (which happens to be the main ingredient in my Vitamin C gel). I’ve recently learned that topical Vitamin C does not absorb well into the skin and so cosmetic benefits are “inferior” in comparison to Vitamin C that is in our body [2]. Wow. This reminds me of my 69-year-old patient who looks 49. I first thought the wrong guy was in my treatment chair! I asked for his secret and he replied, “I always eat a lot of fruit”. Another wow! This definitely supports what I’ve read in several research articles. At this point, I might ditch my overpriced Vitamin C gel for a shopping cart of fruits!

Remember guys! It’s all about routine when it comes to a good face regimen!  I have combination skin so my skin routine focuses a lot on adding moisture back into my skin for balance.  I’ve charted my skincare regimen below:


I was tempted to call my routine simple but seeing it in writing makes me think otherwise. What do you think?

To learn more about sunscreen and cancer prevention visit skin cancer prevention and early detection visit:

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Famatta Martina

Nurse, Health & Wellness Advocate, Fit Mom